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About Us

Blue Dress® Boutique is a fashion-forward jewelry and accessories line offering a unique range of interchangeable jewelry and accessories. Never again will you have to worry that your jewelry does not match your outfit! With our beautiful Snap Button Jewels®, you can be your designer and create a fresh look in seconds. All you have to do is pop out the Snap Button Jewel® and snap in a new one – it is that easy! We have an extensive range of Snap Button Jewels® for you to choose from and all of them are compatible with our companion necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses and more!

At Blue Dress® Boutique we pride ourselves on offering only the best quality fashion jewelry. We use premium metals and metal alloys including silver and rhodium for all our snap button jewels® and companion necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. 

Blue Dress® Boutique is an American owned company based in Farragut, TN and founded by Ingrid Griffin.

Blue Dress® Boutique was founded by a serial entrepreneur and creative gal, Ingrid Griffin. Already running a successful Internet Marketing Business for years, Ingrid decided to utilize her talents and online skills to launch a jewelry brand that would allow women to "change their minds" with a snap! And have fun shopping for many different jewelry looks at very affordable prices. Snap Button Jewels® a fun and refreshing twist to Fashion Jewelry! 

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