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Why Shop Snap Button Jewels® From Bluedress® Boutique Instead Of Somewhere Else?

Bluedress® Boutique Snap Button Jewels® are better than the rest:

  • Largest inventory in the South East for a Brick and Mortar Shop featuring Snap Button Jewels®
  • One of the only Retail Shops in the South East specializing solely in Snap Button Jewels®
  • Uniqueness of Product
  • Depth of Inventory (Thousands in stock, always)
  • Variety (Every color in the rainbow + some!)
  • Thoughtful (Careful thought goes into picking only the best most unique snaps)
  • High Quality & Well Made Pieces




We do not buy Snap Button Jewels®  in bulk from our distributors. We buy individually and carefully hand select and inspect each item before putting into inventory. We look for something unique and different in each snap before we add to our Bluedress® line. It must be of quality, be well made and have one or more of the following attributes:

  • Fun & Fresh
  • Fashionable & Attractive to the Eye
  • Unique Shape
  • Unique Design
  • Beautiful Stones/Crystals with Clarity, Cut, Design
  • Brilliant and/or Attractive Color
  • Sparkle & Dazzle in the Light
  • Multi-Matching & Versatile
  • Sentimental Message/Meaning
  • Look GREAT on Our Companion Pieces (necklaces, bracelets)
  • Be Cute and/or Sassy




There is a snap to suit every woman's taste. From organic and earthy to bling it to the moon, stars and back! We have snaps to perfectly match each woman's own personality and style at Bluedress® Boutique. 

Every woman has a little girl inside and we all deserve to have a bit of fun, put on some sparkle, sentiment or just sass! Customize yourself with Bluedress® Boutique's Snap Button Jewels®. Go ahead, we give you the right to change your mind, in fact, we encourage it, that's what the snaps are made for...Enjoy!

Snap Button Jewels® by Bluedress® Boutique | Better. Different. Unique! Start YOUR Snap Button Jewels® Collection Today. 

Bluedress® Boutique is American owned and operated a 100% owned woman business.